About Us

The Ostrobothnian Children’s Culture Network BARK

The mission of the Ostrobothnian Children’s Culture Network BARK is to provide equal opportunities for children and youth to engage in high-class cultural experiences and to promote children’s culture in Ostrobothnia and Kokkola.

Culture must be brought close to children and youth. Access to culture should not depend on the place of residence or the adults’ interest or economic situation. Therefore, we often organize activities in schools and kindergartens.

BARK has a great deal of knowledge of cultural heritage pedagogy and the Time Travel method. The network’s activities also encompass other forms of culture and art, such as visual arts, dance, environmental art, and word art. We always work in two languages (Finnish and Swedish) – sometimes even more – and are included in the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s network of children’s cultural centers. Administratively, we belong to the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia.

BARK organizes activities in Ostrobothnian municipalities and the city of Kokkola. All our activities are free of charge for the participants.